About Us

Caritas Meru is a nonprofit faith based organization under the Catholic Diocese of Meru whose vision is “a just, prosperous and self-determined society that upholds human dignity in line with gospel values”. The office promotes and facilitates communities to meet their needs through capacity building, social economic development, lobbying and advocacy for sustainable development with special emphasis to the poor, oppressed and marginalized. Caritas Meru has implemented numerous programs with the overall goal of economic empowerment and poverty reduction. It plays a leading role in agriculture and livestock productivity, water and sanitation, irrigation, health, education, . Caritas Meru has the organization capacity and structures to undertake any kind of project and comply with various donors and grants requirements.

Over the years Caritas Meru has initiated various successful community development projects and resource centers especially in the arid and semi-arid/marginal areas in a bid to build the capacity of the rural poor community to improve their quality of life. There is an elaborate organizational structure running from the Bishop to the communities which ensures direct involvement and participation of beneficiaries at all the levels. At the village level, Social Development office (Caritas Meru) has assisted the formation of food security field schools; developed local community based service providers and facilitated the formation of small scale Producer marketing groups with the aim of addressing various product value chains for improved livelihoods.

The Catholic Diocese of Meru covers the thirteen administrative districts (Sub-Counties) of Tharaka Nithi and Meru Counties namely Tharaka North, Tharaka South, Meru south, Maara, Imenti South, Imenti Central, Imenti North, Buuri, Tigania East, Tigania West, Tigania central Igembe North and Igembe South.