Caritas begun a civic education program in the Month of June 2017 dubbed’demokrasia na katiba’ under the Uraia funded ROOTING DEMOCRACY KENYA II(RDK II).The program covers five sub counties of Meru namely Buuri,Tigania east,Tigania west,Imenti North and Igembe North.Since inception the program has raised public awareness on the matters of the constitution, more so on devolution and requirements of the new dispensation of Governance in Kenya, Citizen responsibility to Good Governance and the need to have a human rights approach in engaging citizen service delivery. From a baseline of 26% in public participation and awareness in Meru county(Ref.Uraia Survey June 2017) the program has Nov 2108 attained approximately 52% in public participation and rights awareness in Meru county(Ref.Caritas reports).This is observed from the Number of attendances on the past two Meru county Annual development Plans 2017/2018,2018/2019 and the numerous civilian action on demanding for effective disbursements of the projects through the Meru county 20 million wards development fund. Also engaging civil society groups, the County Government Departments and the county legislature on realizing devolution.