(ii) Gitogo - Kamaindi water project

Catholic Diocese of Meru Caritas was funded by Trocaire to initiate an Arid and Semi Arid Drought Lands Resilience Project in Kamwimbi, Igamba Ngombe division, Tharaka Nithi County, by initiating a multimillion Kamaindi-Gitogo water project aiming at enabling the community to cope with drought consequences constantly reoccurring in the region, through small scale irrigation.

However since the establishment of Gitogo-Kamaindi irrigation water project, the villager’s faces are filed with smiles and absolute joy. The water will be utilized for small scale irrigation with the main line expected to cover an average of 13km and 6km lateral lines.

The project has also positively impacted Kabururu primary school, where a reservoir tank stands. The pupils have planted trees around their school and hygiene both at school and in their homes has been boosted. They can clean their classes and clean their uniform as well. Most pupils can comfortably study after school, unlike before when they spent the entire evening trekking to Ruguti River to fetch water for domestic. The project will benefit over 1500 households in Igamba Ngombe.

Another water project for domestic use purposes alone is also underway. The project targets over 1500 households directly and over 8,000 others indirectly and will see water treated and connected communally

(iii) Environmental conservation initiatives

In a bid to conserve the already obliterated environment on the semi arid areas of Meru South and Tharaka districts, Caritas Meru has introduced establishment of nurseries for mass production of fruit tree seedlings which were consequently planted by farmers for sustainable farming.

(iv) Igembe Drought Recovery and Rehabilitation project(IDRRP)

Igembe North has no permanent river flowing through it and often receives too little rainfall to support crop and pasture production, this has led to decrease in production of their only main source of livelihood which is khat. The region also experiences massive degradation of farms due to soil erosion.

The drought recovery and rehabilitation project in Igembe was a Catholic Relief Services initiative implemented by Caritas meru as the lead agency . The goal of the twelve month project was to aid the communities in Igembe north to be resilience during drought. The project commenced in 2012 and ended 2013.it targeted the worst affected areas of Igembe in Mutuati, Ndoleli, and Laare divisions.

The targeted institutions and individuals were able to access food through the redemption of vouchers for food and other farm inputs after participating in a voucher for work program (VFW) by digging terraces in their farms to conserve soil.

Water harvesting and storage containers for water storage were constructed in the selected institutions for rainwater harvesting from the roof catchment during rainy season.